Christian Endeavour groups  meet regularly for worship, prayer, study, practical ministry and fellowship.

 Typically, a CE group forms around the following meetings and activities:

  •   Regular Devotional meeting run by the members themselves (social activities would follow)
  •   Consecration meeting (serious face to face with God!)
  •   Action meetings for ministry and activities (put your faith into action)
  •   Conventions and sharing with other CE groups


 What is so unique about these groups?

Christian Endeavour groups function under the leadership of their members. They enjoy the support of an adult sponsor but all parts of these meetings and activities are, as far as possible, planned and presented by the members themselves. Think of a sports team with their coach. Can you think of any benefits of this strategy?

 The CE strategy is highly effective in training disciples of Christ for leadership in the church and in other community settings. If that is your aim, this should be your means.