Welcome to Christian Endeavour Australia ...

The key feature of Christian Endeavour is that the young people actively operate the group themselves
with the support of some adult leadership.
Youth are not meant to be just an audience; but contributors to something worthwhile.

Youth Ministry is something done for the youth by the leaders. Sound familiar? Sound wrong?
Sure is! Youth ministry is something done by the youth for someone else.

As a leader of youth, what are you called to do? Matthew 28:19 makes it clear: MAKE DISCIPLES.
It says nothing about rock-star youth pastors or entertainment events. How did Jesus do it?

It's time you asked some questions. Go on!

This website provides information and, hopefully, some inspiration to help you help some children and young people make a difference.
There also some useful links to the top CE sites across the world. Go on, check the TABs across the top.